====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Garret, level 6 Halfling, Bard Build: Prescient Bard Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Prescience Background: Halfling – Storyteller (+2 to History)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 10, Dex 14, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 20.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 17.

AC: 21 Fort: 13 Reflex: 16 Will: 19 HP: 47 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 11

TRAINED SKILLS Arcana +9, History +11, Diplomacy +13, Streetwise +13, Bluff +13

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +10, Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +6, Heal +9, Insight +9, Intimidate +12, Nature +9, Perception +9, Religion +8, Stealth +8, Thievery +10, Athletics +5

FEATS Bard: Ritual Caster Level 1: Halfling Short Bow Hunter Level 2: Vistani Heritage Level 4: Arcane Familiar Level 6: Bard of All Trades

POWERS Bard at-will 1: Guiding Strike Bard at-will 1: Vicious Mockery Bard encounter 1: Focused Sound Bard daily 1: Stirring Shout Bard utility 2: False Bravado Bard encounter 3: Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade Bard daily 5: Song of Discord Bard utility 6: Glimpse the Future

ITEMS Ritual Book, Imposter’s Chainmail +2, Harsh Songblade Short sword +1, Vistani Tambourine +1, Whistling Songbow Shortbow +2 RITUALS Comrades’ Succor, Glib Limerick ====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======


Garret’s Background:

Garret is a Vistani. He has been sent on his “Jaunt”, the time when the Vistani are sent outside their culture to collect stories and go on adventures. This is doubly important for a Bard, who’s story telling aplomb is how they are measured.

His grandmother was the defining person in his life. He called her “Babica”, but her real name was “Ӑvia Vanaema”, not that anyone would ever speak to her in such a way. She as so beloved by her caravan they all wished to be in her family, but only Garret, her pejo was in her heart.

She was the elder matriarch and made all of the spiritual decisions of the caravan. She led the group with a fierce determination and with great love for her grandson. She would always have him at her side when they would set out on an trip. When departing from a location the caravan chose for the day’s journey, she would stand on top of the wagon and point in the direction they would travel. Garret would sit at her side and listen to the stories she told.

Over time, he began telling his own stories of the adventures he would get in as they would visit cities near and far. Garret was full of pluck and cheerfulness, and loved to see cities for their rich stories and characters he could meet while he explored. He would play songs to entertain the caravan when they would stop for the night, and earn money during the day singing and playing music if they stopped near a city that would have them. When he didn’t have anyone to play for, he would play for Babica. She always wanted to listen to his latest tale.

His family was separated when his father ran afoul of (INSERT FEUD CLAN HERE). His father, a part time rogue, full time gambler with a terrible inability to bluff his way out of any situation was in deep debt. He often ran into trouble with debt collectors that followed the caravan from city to city. There was a bounty on his family’s head as Garret’s father ran from games, and from town, when he owed too much. No one could keep him at the table long enough to make him pay, yet no one could find him before he showed up for the next game. The Vistani travel in strange ways, and some say that the elder matriarch’s magic kept the path hidden from the people seeking Garret’s father.

Seeing as the Vistani live as a rumbling community that work together to solve problems, his father’s debt caused problems with the rest of the clan. When debt collectors attempted to kidnap Garret to force his father repay his debt, Garret’s grandmother took drastic measures to protect her beloved grandson. As the elder matriarch, her word was final, and his father was forced to abide by her decision.

To resolve the dispute, his mother and father moved on, forming a new caravan. Garret’s grandmother thought that they would soon settle down, stop adventuring, and become “dead” to the Vistani, giving up their ways. That is, if his father didn’t end up in prison, or worse. “There was a lot of money on his head,” she had said, “And many paths shall converge on him at once. We do not know which path he should take, but it will not be with us any longer. He is gone, my beloved Garret, my poja.” She spoke of them no longer, and Garret never knew what happened to them. He often wonders where their adventures took them. Someday, despite their likely abandonment of Vistani culture, he’d like to find them once again and share the stories of his travels with them. He doesn’t resent his father’s actions, but wishes he could still be traveling with him.

Garret was placed into the care of his Grandmother, whom he watched whenever she performed rituals or spoke of Vistani traditions or customs. His arcane knowledge was learned by watching his grandmother lead the caravan along. His grandmother was already advanced with age when his parents left in shame. She led for a year or more after they left, saddened by their departure, but still determined to give Garret the world beneath her feet.

When his grandmother finally passed on, a grand ceremony was held during the funeral with dozens of caravans coming together to mourn her passing. To honor the matriarch, they buried her under a road sign, as per her wish during the three day celebration of a full moon. She had long talked about being the inspiration for thousands of journeys to far away lands, and wanted the marker of her passing to reflect this desire. The skies and mountains were rocked with tales of her travels as Vistani from all over Adar mourned her passing for three days straight. To this day Vistani and traveler’s alike still talk about her funeral as a grand celebration of the life she led. She was well loved in the community, and all those that came in contact with her remembered her well during that time.

On the third day, after mourning her death, Garret contemplated leaving the Vistani life for the first time. He was alone for the first time. No mother. No father. Not even his grandmother Babica was with him now. While he could always count on his Vistani companions throughout the world that he met on his travels, but without his grandmother to guide him, or to guide the caravan to their next destination, would his life be worth recounting? How could he spend time living as a Bard, a teller of tales, without his family with him for the journey?

As he wept over her grave, a disembodied hand crawled out of her grave. It was his grandmother’s withered hand. He recognized the fiery gemstone on the ring as one of her favorites. It used to catch the sun as she would stand on top of the caravan wagon and point in the direction of their travels as the dawn light shown in the distance. She said it could shine a thousand colors depending on her mood. She was buried wearing it. No ill ground had been desecrated, and no foul magic he knew could have caused this hand to appear before him.

Garret, while startled, didn’t run to the caravan as the hand crawled it’s way up his leg. The hand wasn’t rotten or decayed. It showed no ill effects at all. It was her hand. His Babica’s hand. He had held it a thousand times, and it reassured him that she was still with him.

His grandmother’s hand pointed in a particular direction, opposite of the caravan’s departure. Garret decided to follow the direction the hand was pointing. She’s been pointing the way to go ever since. Garret carries his grandmother’s hand with him to lead him to his next adventure. It is his last connection to his family, and reminds him of the adventures he used to have with her.

Now he is hoping to have new stories to tell.


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