Daejeon Wizards

The Story So Far
The story as it was before...

The story began with Ganash, Ruz, Hargin, and a little construct named Nemo. Ganash met a wizard by the name of Locidan, and then found Gerrod Deathstalker investigating a ruined ship. In the ruins they found Nemo. Once reaching Dyalya, Gerrod left and Ganash, Locidan and Nemo met Hargin and Ruz. They also met a strange Deva Wizard with no name. Together, they entered the Keep on the Shadowfell and prevented a cleric of Orcus from opening a portal into the Shadowfell and summoning an army. Hargin died in the resulting battle.

Later, Ganash and Ruz were responsible for the death of Jerilon Viterand, bastard son of the notorious Duke Viterand. It was after this that they met Keira, a young cleric of Pelor. They then helped the soldiers of Fort Oric defend the fort, and its storehouse of weapons, from an undead army.

The group soon after met up with Draugh, a chain wielding dwarf, and Gilly, a nonsense talking gnome. Together, the new companions defeated the goblin warlord, Nog, and opened the gates of Torvag Baragu, ancient fabled hall of the Precursors. They have not been seen since…


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